Whether it's the wonderful music on the garden plaza or the beautiful melodies of the North Carolina Symphony's own concertmaster filling the indoor gallery, you can count on the Friends of the Page-Walker to bring you terrific performances. As volunteer stewards for the building and its grounds, you might not realize just how much more we do.

From the cotton to the rosemary, the Friends of the Page-Walker make the Anne B. Kratzer Educational Gardens at the arts & history center a reality. And it's thanks to our efforts that Ecclesiastes, the gorgeous sculpture in the front yard, has become a permanent part of the Page-Walker grounds. 

Thanks to the work of the Friends of the Page-Walker, preservation is a part of the Town of Cary's agenda, and the Waldo House (pictured), along with many other historic structures in and around Cary, have been saved for future generations. We also offer regular evening historic preservation programs that are free and open to the public.

Because we want to bring history education to every Cary child, we fund field trips that bring children enrolled in our budget-challenged school system to the Page-Walker Arts & History Center, where professionals and volunteers introduce them to the top-floor and top-notch Cary Heritage Museum.

Close by that museum, we house a collection of oral histories so appreciated by southern historians that they're included in a University of  North Carolina Library. Our oral histories were recorded by volunteers who understand just how important it is to save and share the stories of how Cary came to be the town we all love and respect today.

Throughout the amazing Page-Walker Hotel, you'll find furnishings and books dating back to the Page family. Friends of the Page-Walker are always on the lookout for educational enhancements like these.

We invite you to visit this special building. Walk the halls that have featured a Picasso as part of one of the gorgeous art exhibits you find there every day of the year.

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