Friends Support Ivey-Ellington House

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At its regular meeting in June 2016, the directors of the Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel passed a resolution in support of the preservation of the Ivey-Ellington House and on July 5, 2016 presented the letter below to the Cary Town Council. (Supporting Information)

Dear Mayor and Members of the Cary Town Council,

At its last board meeting, the Friends of the Page-Walker Board of Directors approved the following resolution and is respectfully sending it to you and Northwoods Associates LLC for your thoughtful consideration.

Regarding the proposed downtown development by Northwoods Associates LLC at the corner of Chatham Street and Harrison Avenue, while the Friends’ board is supportive of downtown development, we request that:

  1. Design options be considered that embrace and integrate the Ivey-Ellington House in its current location to the benefit of both the developer and Cary citizens.
  2. The Ivey-Ellington House, built in 1874 and preserved in its original location, be considered not as an obstacle to development but rather as a potential amenity in a successful and profitable development.
  3. The partnership of the Town of Cary and Northwoods Associates LLC work diligently with Cary citizens to seriously and carefully consider the benefits to all interested parties in the community that could be achieved by:

  • Using the Ivey-Ellington House, in its current location, as an historic anchor, welcome center and gateway to the proposed development.
  • Enhancing the lawn and immediate area surrounding the Ivey-Ellington House with additional landscaping, benches and park-like features.
  • Reconfiguring the proposed four-story 55,000 to 75,000 square foot retail and office building to gracefully coexist with and embrace the Ivey-Ellington House.

 The measure of a growing community is the well-managed and well-balanced combination of the historically significant and modern development.

 The character of a growing community – its beating heart and soul – is the preservation of the historically significant, that anchors Cary residents’ sense of place and meaning while enlivening modern development.

 A working partnership among the Cary Town Council, Northwoods Associates and the citizens of Cary could result in a thriving development that:

  • Preserves the historically significant
  • Maximizes the value per square foot of the new development to both the developer and the community by offering enhanced presence, brand and amenities
  • Contributes to the revitalization of downtown Cary by encouraging tourism, especially heritage tourism with its increased economic benefits
  • Supports and serves both the short and long term interests of the growing Cary community.

 Thank you for your consideration.


Board of Directors

The Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel, Inc.

Attachment: Supporting Information
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