CARY News Columns - CARY's heritage

Extracted from our oral history interviews, these articles appeared in the Cary News (2001 - 2016) and in Cary Citizen (2017 - 2022).

 Oral History Project and a Wagon Train Mar 2001
 Remembering Doctor Yarborough Mar 2001
 Rogers Restaurant Apr 2001
 Swimming Holes Apr 2001
 Making and Preserving Food Apr 2001
 A Cattle Drive through Cary Jun 2007
 Kids Took a Train Alone to Raleigh to the Movies Jul 2007
 Remembering Linville Midgette Aug 2007
 Early Cary Fire Department Sep 2007
 The Green Level Community Oct 2007
 History of Cary High School on Academy Street Oct 2007
 Cary's Early Trains Nov 2007
 Christmas in Cary Dec 2007
 Remembering First Jobs Jan 2008
 Cary's Blacksmiths Feb 2008
 Cary's First Utilities Apr 2008
 Cary's First Recreation Program May 2008
 Games Kids Played Jun 2008
 Cary's Early Developers Jul 2008
 Cary's Early Transportation Aug 2008
 Cary High School Memories Sep 2008
 Remembering Doctor Templeton Sep 2008
 Cary Ghost Stories Oct 2008
 The Great Depression Nov 2008
 People Getting Together Dec 2008
 The Page-Walker Hotel Jan 2009
 Dating Rituals Feb 2009
 Golden Gloves Boxing Mar 2009
 World War II Homefront May 2009
 Cary High Graduations Jun 2009
 Movies in the Field Jul 2009
 The Chicken Snake Aug 2009
 Cary's Volunteer Fire Department Sep 2009
 The State Fair and Circuses in the Fall Oct 2009
 Hog Killing Month Dec 2009
 Cary's Early Churches Dec 2009
 Remembering Cary High Teachers Jan 2010
 Cary's First Businesses Feb 2010
 Cary's High School Sports Mar 2010
 Early Civic Groups Apr 2010
 The Desegregation of Cary May 2010
 Cary's Segregated Schools Jun 2010
 Laws that Broke Segregation Jul 2010
 When Kids Made their own Toys Aug 2010
 Cary Elementary Memories Sep 2010
 Deborah Matthews Segregated her School Oct 2010
 Early Black Schools Nov 2010
 Cary's Segregated Society Dec 2010
 Courtship Decades Ago Feb 2011
 Raising Chickens and EggsMar 2011 
 Remembering Russell O. HeaterMar 2011 
 The Page House FireApr 2011 
 Historic Cary HomesMay 2011 
 Weddings and Funerals in Cary's PastJun 2011 
 Cary Civil War StoriesJul 2011 
 Backyard LivestockAug 2011 
 Past Performances and Sports at Cary HighSep 2011 
 How Kids Entertained ThemselvesOct 2011 
 Remembering a First CarNov 2011 
 White Plains CemeteryDec 2011 
 Remembering Pattie Lou Johnson and Farm LifeJan 2012 
 When Cary had Few Paved StreetsFeb 2012 
 Cary's Civil WarMar 2012 
 Cary's First LibraryApr 2012 
 Athletic Programs helped Cary IntegrateMay 2012 
 Cary's First Shopping CentersMay 2012 
 Cary's Fire Station No. 1Jun 2012 
 The Korean WarJul 1012 
 The Beginning of Lazy DazeAug 2012 
 Segregated Cary West High SchoolSep 2012 
 Neighbors Helped NeighborsOct 2012 
 Cary High Memories from TeachersNov 2012 
 Caryites Shopped in RaleighDec 2012 
 Cary Dreamfest for Black History MonthJan 2013 
 Maynard Family FarmFeb 2013 
 David Martin Supported his Family as a Kid Mar 2013
 Page-Walker Historic Herb GardenApr 2013 
 Cary's Old Time Soda FountainsMay 2013 
 Cary's Past Farm Crops and MoonshineJun 2013 
 RTP Helped Cary GrowAug 2013 
 Life in Segregated CarySep 2013 
 Cary Band DayOct 2013 
 Cary's Indian-American HistoryNov 2013 
 History of Cary Shopping CentersDec 2013 

 Desegregating Cary's Fire DepartmentJan 2014
 Building Segregated Kingswood ElementaryFeb 2014
 Cary Theater History - Part IMar 2014
 Cary Theater History - Part IIApr 2014
 Cary's First Public Water SystemMay 2014
 First Green Hope High School Jun 2014
 Mitchell's DrugstoreJul 2014
 The Wiley D. Jones HouseAug 2014
 Cary's First Grocery StoresSep 2014
 Cary High's First BandOct 2014
 Cary's World War II Veteran MemoriesNov 2014
 Black and White Churches Share Services Dec 2014
 Remembering Reverend MeadowsJan 2015
 Origins of Cary Post Office and ChamberFeb 2015
 Cary High School MischiefMar 2015
 Developing Prestonwood Country ClubApr 2015
 Old Time Women's Proper BehaviorMay 2015
 History of Academy StreetJun 2015
 Past Time Teen RebellingJul 2015
 The Maynard FarmAug 2015
 History of Umstead ParkSep 2015
 Cary High as a Boarding School Oct 2015
 Cary's Early Social GroupsNov 2015
 Cary's Early Stores Dec 2015
 Remembering Esther Ivey and Elva TempletonJan 2016
 Remembering Bun FerrellFeb 2016 
 History of Grocery BoysMar 2016 
 Jake and Helen Walker ran Page-Walker HotelApr 2016 
 Remembering Dad DunhamJun 2016 
 A History of Life ExperiencesJul 2016 
 The Heart of Cary AssociationAug 2016 
 Cary High School's Centennial in 1996Sep 2016 
 Funny World War II StoriesNov 2016 
 Henry Adams Leads Desegregation of Cary SchoolsDec 2016 
 World War I Remembered

May 2017

 Rivalry of Two Cary FamiliesJun 2017
 Train MastersSep 2017
 Cary's Early Restaurants Oct 2017
 Early TV and RadioNov 2017
 World War II Cannery and Sewing at Cary HighDec 2017
 Native Americans in CaryJan 2018
 The 1918 Flu EpidemicFeb 2018
 Remembering the DunhamsMar 2018
 Chores in the Early DaysApr 2018
 From Farm Kid to Big WorldMay 2018
 Cary's YMCAs Jun 2018
 Cary General StoresJul 2018
 Gourd Society of AmericaAug 2018
 Cary High Class TripsSep 2018
 World War II War Bride Oct 2018
 Early Crime in Cary Nov 2018
 Green Level Baptist Church History Dec 2018
 Homemade Food ProductionJan 2019 
 Remembering the Evans FamilyFeb 2019 
 Barnabus Jones Farm - Part I Mar 2019
 Barnabus Jones Farm - Part 2 Apr 2019
 Rogers MotelMay 2019 
 Rogers RestaurantJun 2019 
 Early History of the Rogers BuildingJul 2019 
 Cary Colored SchoolAug 2019 
 Teachers of the Deaf Sep 2019
 The Homefront during World War II Nov 2019
 Traveling PreachersDec 2019 
 Tobacco Farms and Warehouses Jan 2020
 Matthews House as a Florist ShopMar 2020 
 Cary Post OfficeApr 2020 
 Hunting and CookingMay 2020 
 Remembering Ruth Cathey FoxJun 2020 
 Saving a Black Cemetery Jul 2020
 History of the Dorcas ShopAug 2020 
 History of Kildaire FarmSep 2020 
 One Grade Only Integrated Schools PlanOct 2020 
 Publishing the Book Around and About CaryDec 2020 
 Long-Time Barber Austin RichJan 2021 
 Children Surviving the DepressionFeb 2021 
 Remembering Ethel AdamsMar 2021 
 Cary Centennial MemoriesApr 2021 
 Remembering Cary Long-Time Train MasterMay 2021 
 Remembering Jeanette Reaves EvansJun 2021 
 Early Swimming HolesJul 2021 
 Remembering Linville Midgette the Main ManAug 2021 
 Cary High Centennial in 1996Sep 2021 
 A Case of Polio in World War IIOct 2021 
 Early History of South Hills MallNov 2021 
 Growing Up on Academy StreetDec 2021 
 Memories of Berry O"Kelley High SchoolJan 2022 
 The Franklin FarmFeb 2022 
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