About the Friends

Our mission

The mission of the Friends is to enrich the community by serving as guardian for the Page-Walker Arts & History Center, advocating preservation of Cary historic sites, archiving history and facilitating history education, and promoting the cultural arts.

Who we Are

The Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel is a non-profit corporation composed of volunteers. We are an official partner of the Town of Cary and were honored to receive the Town's Partner Organization of the Year award in 2012. In 2013, the Friends received Capital Area Preservation's Anthemion Award for preservation advocacy. The Friends are a member of the Federation of North Carolina Historical Societies. The Friends have evolved from a grassroots single purpose organization into a multifaceted group that provides a vital service to the citizens of Cary. We welcome you to join us

  • Experience the services we provide.  Music, art, gardens, a museum, oral histories, walking tours, preservation of historic structures and cemeteries, period furniture, historic old books – the Friends bring it all to you. 
  • Explore our rich history and our path to the future. The deteriorating but historically and architecturally significant Page-Walker Hotel cried out for help beneath its leaky roof and vine entangled walls in the early 1980s.  A group of grassroots citizens who became the Friends heeded the call. 
  • Get to know our partners. We can't do it alone.  Operation, maintenance, protection, and preservation of historic properties requires the hard work and support of many skilled and experienced people and professional organizations.  We are grateful to all of them for enabling us to carry out our mission. 
  • Meet our board. Active and committed.  That's our board.  And did we mention all-volunteer?  That's right.  The talented members of our board volunteer their time and skills as executive officers and committee chair people.  Partnering with Town of Cary staff, the board helps set direction for the Page-Walker Arts & History Center and helps bring the best possible experiences to those who visit the Center. 
  • See the awards we have won. May we brag a little?  We are proud to have been recognized for our efforts to preserve Cary's historic treasures and to educate the public about Cary's history.

Click to view a video of Friends' 30th Anniversary open house at Cary Lazy Daze 2015.

Click to view a video of Friends' 30th Anniversary celebration.

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